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Width & Height: 87mm
Depth: 25mm*

Total product depth is 25mm, 5mm of which will be recessed into the back box.
Towel Rail Control 800w - Chrome
Energy regulator and runback timer
Energy regulator and runback timer for use with Dimplex towel rails.

Ideal for reducing the towel rail output in the summer, drying towels
without significantly increasing the temperature of the room.

Can ensure a low temperature where young children or the old and infirm
are likely to come into contact with the towel rail.

Has the ability to significantly decrease running costs.
Use the ‘Eco’ mode to dry a towel for a set period of time.
The rail will run at high power for 30 minutes, a lower power for 60 minutes, then turn off.
You don’t have to remember, or even be in the house, to turn the rail off after drying!
  • Rating: Maximum towel rail output 800w.
  • Runback: ‘Eco’ will run the towel rail for 30 minutes at a high setting, then 60 minutes at a low setting, then switch the rail off.
  • Temperature: The surface temperature of the rail can be reduced, allowing 100%, 85%, 70%, 55% and 40% of maximum (circa 60 degrees Celsius).
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Data Sheets Dimplex Towel Rail Brochure 1.8Mb pdf
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