Dimplex FX20VE - 2kW Bathroom Wall Mounted Fan Heater + Timer5011139016270FX20VE

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Height 242mm.
Width 229mm.
Depth 109mm.
Weight 1.30kg.
Dimplex - 2kW
Kitchen & Bathroom Wall Mounted Fan Heater + Timer
Installed fan heater with a preset
30 minute timer designed for high level mounting.

Provides rapid warm up for bathrooms, ensuites and kitchens.

FX20VE is a wall mounted fan heater designed to forcibly
blow the heated air down into the heating space to effectively
circulate and rapidly heat the area for a 30 minute period.

Both models feature pull cord activation with auto switch
(after 30 minutes) or deactivation by pull cord if required sooner.
  • Pull cord.
  • Visual ON/OFF indicator.
  • Designed for high level mounting.
  • Preset 30 minute timer, activated and deactivated by pull cord.
  • IP22 (must be mounted above 1.8m).
  • 2kW maximum output.
    1kW outputselectable on installation.
  • Electronic runback timer automatically switches heater off after pre set time.


Datasheet 599kb pdf IP Rating Chart
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Dimplex FX20VE - 2kW Bathroom Wall Mounted Fan Heater + Timer