24 Hour Programmable Room Thermostat - Weekday/Weekend5011139030764RF24T

Width: 169mm
Height: 95mm
Depth: 38mm
Depth: 46mm inc knob
Dimplex -RF Wireless
24 hour Programmable Room Thermostat
Dimplex RF controllers and receivers provide energy saving control to deliver
the greatest possible levels of energy efficiency, versatility and ease of use.

By utilising radio waves to transmit their signal, radio frequency controls remove the need to wire controls to their receivers
meaning quick, easy and trouble-free installation.

As such, this system is ideal for use in both new build and existing installations, and is
perfect for controlling towel rails.
  • Radio frequency wall-mounted LCD programmer
  • Comes complete with RF receiver which must be wired to the relevant appliance
  • Offers 24hour programming
  • 4 programmable time periods, switching heater between On/Off modes
  • Programme advance and manual override features
  • 30 minute boost button
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Back lit LCD screen with power save mode
  • IPX4 rated (splash-proof) for use in wet areas
  • Can control any heater up to a loading of 2kW (not for use with quartz heaters)
  • Ideal for providing extra control to towel rails
  • Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in the event of a power failure
  • Multiple receivers can be controlled by a single controller
  • Additional receivers sold separately (RFREC)


Data Sheets Dimplex RF Controls 168Kb pdf
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24 Hour Programmable Room Thermostat - Weekday/Weekend


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EA 3+