Dimplex RX9911 - Pilot Wire Cassette Programmer - 1 Zone (Discontinued)

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Dimplex RX9911 - Pilot Wire Cassette Programmer - 1 Zone5011139010889RX9911

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Pilot Wire Cassette Programmer
1 Zone Max 20 Heaters
The RX9911

They offer either individual programming (each individual heater has a programming cassette)

or group programming from a master heater through the pilot wire.
Group programming can drive up to 20 slave heaters.

Two heating positions are offered: comfort and economy setback,
with temperatures set using the controls on the heater.

A choice of heating programmes are available for each day of the week. There are 7 pre-set
programmes, from P1 to P7 or a customised programme P=. The seven pre-set programmes
and customised programme will remain stored even if the mains supply is cut off for more
than seven hours. However, the day and time will have to be set again as the built in battery
will only operate for seven hours maximum when removed from the heater.
  • Compatible with EPX, Girona, Monterey and Apollo ranges.
  • Ideal for new build applications.
  • Utilises control wire linked between each heater.
  • No additional receivers necessary.
  • Up to 20 heaters per zone.
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DX RX9911

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