Dimplex RX9912 - MBS Cassette Programmer - 1 Zone (Discontinued)

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DX RX9912 shown with
DX RX9913
MBS Cassette Programmer
1 Zone max 20 Heaters
The RX9912

Each programmer may be used to provide single or multi zone programming for up to 20 slave
heaters, each fitted with a mains signalling receiver (Dimplex Part No. RX9913).

Two heating positions are offered: comfort and economy setback, with room temperatures set
using the controls on the heater. A choice of heating programmes are available for each day of
the week. There are 7 pre-set programmes, from P1 to P7 or a customised programme P=. In the
event of a power supply interruption or the cassette being removed from the heater, the memory
will retain current time and customised programme for 1 hour. The seven pre-set programmes will
remain stored indefinitely.
  • Compatible with EPX, Girona, Monterey and Apollo ranges.
  • Ideal for use in existing buildings.
  • Signals sent between heaters using existing mains wiring.
  • Receiver cassette required in each slave heater.
  • Electronic identity codes prevent interference with receivers in different zones/buildings.


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DX RX9912

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