12v Smoke Detector for Alarm Systems5099383002201EI100R

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Specially designed for use with 12 volt security systems

Supply voltage 10.2 to 14 volts

Power on LED - flashes every 40 seconds

Dimensions: 140 x 120 x 46mm

Interconnect up to 12 alarms

5 year guarantee
Ionisation Smoke Alarm interlinkable
for use with 12 volt Supply
Test button to simulate the effect of smoke and tests sensor, electronics and horn.

Interconnect feature.
If one alarm sounds all interconnected alarms will sound, up to 12 units may be interconnected. Wiring - low voltage multicore signal cable. Maximum resistance 20 ohms.
  • Automatic Self Test: Smoke chamber is tested every 40 seconds and unit bleeps if a fault is detected.
  • Automatic reset facility in that when smoke clears from the sensor the smoke alarm will reset automatically.
  • Volt free relay contacts - Normally Open and Normally Closed rated to 24 Volts/1 amp resistive.
  • Built in sounder giving a minimum sound output of 85dBA at 3 metres. Frequency is in the range 2200/2800Hz.
  • Power on LED flashes every 40 seconds to confirm integrity of power supply.
  • Dual Ionisation Chamber, with corrosion resistant electrodes. Sensitivity conforms to BS5446: Pt.1: 1990.
  • The diameter of piezo disc in the sounder to measure at least 40 mm, and to have wire contacts soldered directly on to the piezo disc.
  • The sounder to include a resonator or "trumpet" at least 30 mm in length and reaching to lid of the outer casing in order to amplify the sound.
  • Airspeed- No false alarms up to 22mph.
  • Power supply - 10.2 to 14 Volts DC normally supplied by compatible control panel.
  • Standby current: 150 microamps (max). Alarm current: 60 mA(max), 30 mA(min)
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 4C to 40C. Humidity Range: 0 to 90 % relative humidity


Installation / User Guide Smoke Alarms Regulations
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