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RadioLINK Hard of Hearing Alarm
The Ei170RF is a RadioLINK alarm system designed to give warning to the deaf and hard of hearing.
It consists of a control box with integral strobe and a plug-in vibration pad.
The Ei170RF is designed to be powered from a permanent mains power supply.
It also contains a sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery that provides back-up power in the event of mains failure.

The control box contains RadioLINK RF circuitry.
It has a built-in high intensity Xenon strobe with a specially designed lens that provides wide-angle light output.
An integral ‘Test’ button is also present on the front of the unit, allowing
an easy means of testing the strobe, vibration pad and the RadioLINK bases/alarms in the system.
The vibration pad has a simple plug-in connection to the control box and
is designed to be placed under a pillow to wake people who fail to respond to the visual strobe.

The Ei170RF uses advanced transceiver and signal coding technology
to ensure robust and reliable RF signalling.
It also has a House-Code feature that allows a system of RadioLINK units to be coded together to prevent interference with neighbouring systems.
  • The Ei170RF is a stand alone unit designed for use with RadioLINK bases, alarms and accessories.
  • The unit has a built in high intensity strobe, and comes with a vibrating pillow pad. Both will activate when the alarm system is activated.
  • The unit uses RadioLINK interconnection so there is no need to wire it to the alarm system.
  • The unit has an integral Test button.
  • The unit has separate visual indicators to show mains power, unit activation and fault.
  • The unit can be “House Coded” to the alarm system to avoid cross interference with other properties.
  • The unit has an integral rechargeable battery capable of lasting 7 days in the event of mains failure.
  • The unit has additional auxiliary sockets to connect extra vibrating pillow pads or strobes.
  • The unit comes with a 5 year guarantee.


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EI 170RF

RadioLINK Hard of Hearing Alarm