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Requires 230V AC mains power supply

5 Year Guarantee.
Mains Plug-in

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Using tried and trusted high grade semiconductor sensor technology
these units offer a greater degree of accuracy, selectivity
and stability, with little or no maintenance required.
  • Semiconductor gas sensor used to check CO concentration every 2½ minutes. Temperature cycled between measurements to ensure high sensitivity to CO and high immunity to false alarms from other gases. A chemical filter on the sensor to enhance sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Manual test/hush button test - button to test circuitry and horn. Hush button to silence nuisance alarms from transient levels of CO. Alarm will turn on again after 2½ minutes if CO still present.
  • A separate fault light warns the user if the unit fails.
  • Automatic self checking feature - amber LED flashes and alarm beeps every 4 seconds if a fault is detected.
  • Automatic reset facility of all alarm function, alarm resets approximately 2½ minutes after CO gas clears.
  • Each unit is calibrated and tested in CO gas in order to ensure accuracy and meets the CO sensitivity requirements of BS 7860: 1996. The alarm will operate within 30 minutes at CO levels of 150ppm and within 6 minutes at CO levels of 350ppm.
  • Separate red LED flashes every 2 seconds at 150ppm CO; flashes twice every second at 350ppm CO. The horn will sound at the same time. .
  • Separate green LED indicator light to confirms integrity of mains power supply.
  • Built in sounder to give a minimum output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres. Modulated sound output - 3 rapid pulses followed by a 1½ second pause, repeated until reset. This easily differentiates it from a typical smoke alarm.
  • Operating temperature range - 5°C to 40°C (23°F - 104°F) 15% to 90% relative humidity.


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EI 220EN

Mains Plug In Carbon Monoxide Alarm