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230V AC mains power supply

126 x 150 x 42 mm.

5 Year Guarantee.
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Using tried and trusted high grade semiconductor sensor technology these units offer a greater degree of accuracy, selectivity and stability, with little or no maintenance required.

Interconnect up to 12 alarms, When any interlinked alarm is activated all linked alarms sound, vital for the more vulnerable tenants in multiple occupancy dwellings.
  • New generation Electrochemical sensor checks for CO concentration every 70 seconds. The sensor has a high level of selectivity. No false alarms when exposed to the following interference gases for 2 hours: (as per UL2034sec.38) Methane 500ppm, Butane 300ppm, Heptane 500ppm, Ethyl Acetate 200ppm, Isopropyl Alcohol 200ppm, Carbon Dioxide 1000ppm.
  • Manual Test/Hush button: tests the alarm (when pressed and held) and silences false alarms (when pressed and released). This will silence the unit for 4 minutes before resetting. It will only silence once until the gas clears.
  • Supplied with “Easi-fit” surface mounting plate, with integral terminal block, cable cover and fixing screws. The base plate has trunking knock outs for 16 and 20mm trunking.
  • The unit has a tamper resistant cover, which cannot be removed without the use of a tool. An optional locking screw can be screwed into the side to prevent removal.
  • A remote relay option is available which has multiple uses, including switching a gas solenoid shut off valve.
  • Separate green indicator light confirms integrity of mains power supply.
  • Automatic self-checking feature – amber light will flash and the alarm will beep every 40 seconds if it detects a fault.
  • Automatic reset facility – alarm resets when CO gas is cleared.
  • The alarm carries the Kitemark to indicate type testing to BS EN 50291:2001.
  • Low and high level indicators – red indicator light flashes every 2 seconds at 50ppm CO (sounder operates within 60-90 minutes); flashes twice every second at 100ppm CO (sounder operates within 10-40 minutes); flashes 4 times per second at 350ppm CO (sounder operates within 3 minutes).
  • Built in sounder to give a minimum output of 85dB (A) at 3 metres. Modulated sound output – 3 rapid pulses, followed by a 1.5 second pause, repeated until reset. This easily differentiates it from a typical smoke alarm.
  • Operating temperature range: -10oC to +40oC (14oF to 104oF). 15% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).


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Mains Interlinkable Carbon Monoxide Alarm