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RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Alarm
The Ei262 is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm powered by 230V AC mains.
The rechargeable Lithium back-up cells are designed to have a ten-year life and outlast the life of the CO alarm.
They will provide up to 4 weeks of CO alarm operation without mains power
The alarm uses a high performance electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence.
The sensor can be replaced after 5 years to provide a combined 10 year protection against CO gas.
The alarm has RadioLINK interconnectivity which enables wireless transmission of a CO alarm condition
to all other wireless CO, smoke and heat alarms in the system.

The alarm also has RadioLINK Remote Control capability - allowing the alarm to be controlled remotely from a Control Switch (Ei412).
This allows remote Test, Locate and Silence functions to be performed on all RadioLINK alarms in the system.
A Manual Call Point (Ei407) is also available.
The alarm is supplied with an Easi-Fit base that allows quick and simple installation of the alarm, combined with simple removal and replacement.
The Easi-Fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery back-up as the alarm slides on to the base.
  • The Ei262 is a mains powered RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm.
  • It eliminates the need for wiring between other alarms in the system.
  • The unit has tamper proof rechargeable Lithium cells capable of lasting up to 6 months in the event of mains failure.
  • The unit uses a proven electrochemical sensor which checks the CO levels every 70 seconds. It has a high level of selectivity when exposed to the following gases for 2 hours – Methane 500ppm, Butane 300ppm, Heptane 500ppm, Ethyl Acetate 200ppm, Isopropyl Alcohol 200ppm, Carbon Dioxide 1000ppm.
  • The sensor can be replaced after 5 years to give the unit a 10 year life.
  • The unit has a memory feature which records if CO has been detected previously.
  • The unit has an integral Test/Hush button.
  • The unit uses an Easi-fit base to aid installation/removal.
  • The unit has power, fault and alarm indicator lights.
  • The unit can be “House Coded” to the alarm system to avoid cross interference with other properties.
  • The unit is Kitemarked to BS EN 50291:2001.
  • The unit has a 5 year guarantee.


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