Ecombi Smart heater white 2600W / 1200W (Discontinued)

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Ecombi Smart heater white 2600W / 1200W8432336108709ECO408

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Ecombi ECO408 - Smart Heater - White
Storage heater input 2600w - Convector 1200w

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ECOMBI combines storage heating and direct heating high efficiency technology in energy consumption:
Charging hours can be fully programmable daily and weekly, even if there are more than one
charging period during the same day.
Room temperature can be adjusted in a very accurate way to the user needs.

By offering heat from two totally controlled and optimized sources to reduce the electric consumption expenses,
this is off -peak on one side and also applying the highest technology in managing direct-acting electric heat on the other,
ECOMBI provides the most cost effective source of heating in the market.

The different functions and options offered by ECOMBI, makes this solution
in the most flexible and definitive choice in the world of the electric heating.

Besides this ECOMBI has been designed also to minimize the installation work,
avoiding the double work and making a quick and easy final fit assembly.

ECOMBI also offers other working modes and functionalities depending on user requirements:
Storage Heater, Combined Storage Heater, Convector, Frost-protection.
  • Width: 111cm
  • Height: 73cm
  • Depth: 18cm
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option.
  • Overheating protection at storage heating.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Front, side and real air isolating chambers.
  • Compatible with two-period off peak electric tariffs.
  • Daily and weekly programming.
  • Deferred storage energy option.
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Ecombi Smart heater white 2600W / 1200W