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Wireless Alarm Kit
Advanced Security at Optimal Cost

CommPact, named for its streamlined, space-saving design (21x15.2x4cm),
offers cost effective security and connectivity,
with all the essential functions of one-way wireless technology available in one small high- powered package.

The simple wireless installation and advanced remote management capabilities of CommPact
provide an ideal value-for-money solution, which allows users to enjoy a complete sense of control and peace of mind.

CommPact’s remote management is driven by the ELAS, which enables a virtual presence.
The advanced features include remote programming and maintenance of the CommPact system
by Internet or smartphone,

Built-in interface with PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules,
configuration of email and SMS event notification to users, and stand-alone two-way audio capability.
  • Main Features
  • Wireless RF technology
  • PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules
  • Event reporting –GPRS with GSM and PSTN backup (Voice or SMS SIA/CID)
  • Email/SMS/voice event notifications to end users
  • 100 mA programmable output for wired siren
  • Advanced remote management features for users – Web and smartphone applications
  • Remote programming, firmware updates and maintenance
  • All in one – all system components and essential features in one small box
  • All current 1 way Infinite Prime Detectors accepted
  • Ideal for Security, Safety, Elderly Care and Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Management of System via PSTN/GSM and GPRS (Telephone, Text or Internet)
  • Built in 2 Way Audio capability
  • Event Reporting via Voice, SMS Text Message, Email or Audible
  • Built in Voice Dialler
  • Built in Alarm Monitoring Centre Communicator
  • App available to download via iTunes or Google Play
  • USB Connector for Local PC Programming
  • Fast up/downloading via PSTN, GSM or GPRS
  • GSM network coverage indication
  • Robust, Encrypted FM Technology
  • Incorporates FM technology for enhanced RF noise immunity
  • Digital RSSI (Reception Signal Strength Indication)
  • Robust anti-collision transmission
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCode™ technology (hopping and rolling code)
  • Single transceiver technology
  • Two-stage transmitter for improved frequency stability
  • Advanced Installer Tools
  • Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades via GPRS
  • Advanced remote programming software
  • Fast up/downloading via PSTN, GSM or GPRS
  • Upload status of all wireless devices
  • Installer built-in utilities
  • Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter
  • GSM network coverage indication
  • Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test
  • Receiver quality measurement to evaluate signals in the same frequency


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Commpact Wireless Alarm Kit