Commpact Wireless Alarm Kit c/w External Sounder - Discontinued

Please try SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit for alternative products.

Commpact Wireless Alarm Kit c/w External SounderKITSP3WES

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CommPact Kit with sounder (WES)

1 x CommPact Panel PSTN/GSM/GPRS

3 x Animal Immune Motion Detectors

1 x Magnetic Switch

1 x Multi-function Key fob

1 x Wirefree External Sounder
Wireless Alarm Kit
c/w External Sounder
CommPact, named for its streamlined, space-saving design (21x15.2x4cm), offers cost-effective security

and connectivity, with all the essential functions of an advanced wireless system in one small high powered

package. Simple, user-friendly setup menus make installation quick and cost-effective. Users

can enjoy the benefits of web-based remote management tools as well as Smartphone applications,

which allow them to enjoy a complete sense of control and peace of mind.
  • General Features
  • 32 wirelesses and 1 hardwire zones
  • 1 onboard programmable output (PGM)
  • 32 User codes
  • One button Full, Part or Perimeter setting and unsetting
  • Programmable speed dial number
  • Accommodates 19 Key fobs and 4 Wireless keypads
  • Built-in siren: 105dB or 85dB
  • Event Log: 1022 event capacity
  • Incorporates 868 Mhz FM technology for
  • Optimal RF noise immunity
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCodeTM
  • Technology (hopping and rolling code)
  • Power supply - internal output, 230v
  • Backup battery pack 4.8V/1.3Ah
  • Operating temperature 0-60°C /32-140°F
  • Multi-Lingual Language Incl: English, Polish, German, Danish, Croatian, Swedish, Thai, Finnish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech and Turkish
  • Engineered according to EN50131 Grade 2
  • Users Stay in Control
  • Arm and disarm the system from anywhere via Smartphone and web applications
  • Easily add or edit users, who will receive alerts via emails or SMS
  • Access, save and print system event logs
  • Initiate video look-in through IP cameras
  • End User Features
  • E-mail - Event notification
  • SMS/MMS options - SMS remote system activation and control and event notification
  • DTMF options - Remote system activation control and programmable outputs control
  • Audio verification - Voice message event notification, two-way audio, follow-me, listen-in
  • Complete control
  • Comprehensive remote management via web user
  • interface and APP for Smartphones, for convenient system control including:
  • Remote system setting for Partial or Full Setting
  • Switching the on-board output for activating and deactivating another device
  • Managing users and codes
  • Change Zone Labels
  • Defining alert settings for
  • E-mailing or SMS-ing family or friends in the event of an activation
  • Omit and Enable zones
  • Event logs management
  • Log in and out of Multiple panels
  • iPhone, Ipad and Android supported
  • This Web access is free


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Commpact Wireless Alarm Kit c/w External Sounder