Infinite PRIME Wireless Alarm Pet Kit c/w External Sounder (ES WES) - Discontinued

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Infinite PRIME Wireless Alarm Pet Kit c/w External Sounder (ES WES)5055439813757KITPR3WES

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Standard Kit Includes:
Infinite® prime Panel,
2 x INF-PIR PET Motion Detectors,
1 x INF-PIR PET Free Spec Offer
1 x INF-MAG Magnetic Switch,
1 x INF-MFB Multi-function Keyfob
1 x ES WES Bell Box
Infinite PRIME Wireless Alarm Kit
c/w External Sounder (ES WES)

Special Offer: Free PET PIR worth £33.95
Infinite® prime offers all the functionality of infinite®
in addition to some enviable additional capabilities including a built in speech dialler.

If you’re fitting wire free security at last you have a choice, infinite® or infinite® prime.

Infinite® prime can be installed to BS-EN50131:2006 Grade 2 Class 2.

Supplied with Infintie Bell Box - ES WES

Alarm systems are all about detecting the presence of people, particularly intruders.
Prime, however, also has the ability to use standard motion detectors to detect absence of movement,
making it ideal for added protection of vulnerable people or lone workers.
When no motion is detected within a pre-set time an alert will be triggered and conveyed to the appropriate person..

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  • 32 wireless zones
  • Fm based secure transmission 868mhz European standard
  • Up to 8 keyfob
  • Up to 4 wirefree keypads
  • Built-in LCD (2 row x 16 character) with user-friendly menu-driven interface
  • Compact stylish design
  • Very loud internal siren - 85dB
  • 250m open field transmission range
  • 32 user codes
  • Custom end-user descriptors for each user, zone, HA device and SMS message
  • 256 event log with time/date stamp
  • Hardwire zone
  • Full, Part, and Perimeter arming modes with separate Entry / Exit delays and Arm/Disarm tones
  • Built-in sounder
  • Built-in Two-Way-Audio including one-touch Service Call button
  • Installer friendly utilities
  • Automatic recognition of new system hardware
  • Installer friendly utilities - transmitter signal strength, smart walk test, transmitter status list,
  • Remote transmitter deletion
  • European standard 868MHz
  • Integral PSTN communicator
  • Speech Dialler and Digicom functions
  • Remote set/unset using standard phone
  • Audible message memopad
  • Voice indication of arm / part / disarm
  • No-Motion zone type available
  • USB for local upload / download
  • Attractive Cool Blue display


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