SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit c/w Bell Box (Discontinued)

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CommPact Panel,

SecuPlace wireless alarm kit

1 x SecuPlace Kit Panel (PSTN/GSM/GPRS)
3 x Pet Immune Motion Detectors (45g)
1 x Magnetic Door Contact
1 x Multi-function Keyfob
1 x TRI BELL Wireless Sounder
SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit
c/w Bell Box
Simple to Install Wireless SMART HOME Alarm System

SecuPlace is a brand new, wireless home alarm that comes with
pre-programmed, wireless, pet friendly accessories
that are simple to install and exceptionally user friendly.

Its advanced smartphone app makes this alarm popular with
home owners as they can use it to secure their
home from their phone wherever they are in the world.
Push alerts can be sent on alarm activation to Smart Phone and Apple Watch
power cut and power restore SMS alerts putting the user in control all day

Home safety. Burglars aren’t the only hazard. Smoke, gas, Carbon Monoxide and flood detectors
can protect the home 24 hours a day

Pet friendly. The alarm can be set whilst pets are in the home Completely wireless.
For a shorter, faster, no fuss installation

Kit contains roaming SIM card which defaults to the strongest network where the system is installed
Using EE, Vodafone, O2 + other networks

New Tri Bell Siren in kit can be screen printed and comes complete with batteries for a faster installation.
  • General Features
  • SIM card included using O2,EE,Vodafone + more
  • New Wireless Siren included
  • All devices are pre enrolled to speed up installation
  • 32 wirelesses and 1 hardwire zones
  • 1 onboard programmable output (PGM)
  • 32 User codes
  • One button Full, Part or Perimeter setting and unsetting
  • Programmable speed dial number
  • Accommodates 19 Key fobs and 4 Wireless keypads
  • Built-in siren: 105dB or 85dB
  • Event Log: 1022 event capacity
  • Incorporates 868 Mhz FM technology for
  • Optimal RF noise immunity
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCodeTM
  • Technology (hopping and rolling code)
  • Power supply - internal output, 230v
  • Backup battery pack 4.8V/1.3Ah
  • Operating temperature 0-60°C /32-140°F
  • Engineered according to EN50131 Grade 2
  • Users Stay in Control
  • Arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world via Smartphone and web applications
  • Easily add or edit users, who will receive alerts via emails or SMS
  • Initiate video look-in through IP cameras
  • End User Features
  • Control alarm with smart phone app
  • E-mail - Event notification
  • SMS/MMS options - SMS remote system activation and control and event notification
  • DTMF options - Remote system activation control and programmable outputs control
  • Audio verification - Voice message event notification, two-way audio, follow-me, listen-in
  • Complete control
  • Comprehensive remote management via web user interface and APP for Smartphones, for convenient system control including:
  • Remote system setting for Partial or Full Setting
  • Switching the on-board output for activating and deactivating another device
  • E-mailing or SMS-ing family or friends in the event of an activation
  • Omit and Enable zones
  • Event logs management
  • Log in and out of Multiple panels
  • iPhone, Ipad and Android supported
  • This Web access is free


Install, Specification, Quck Start - 3Mb pdf
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SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit c/w Bell Box