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SecuPlace App
Phone not included

SecuPlace Kit with wireless sounder
• 1 x SecuPlace Panel (WiFi/GPRS)
• 3 x ES MPET Pet Tolerant Motion Detectors (35g)
• 1 x Magnetic Door Contact
• 1 x Multi-function Keyfob
• 1 x Wireless Sounder
• Roaming SIM card
SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit
c/w TRITX Bell Box
SecuPlace is a wireless home alarm that comes with pre-programmed, wireless, pet friendly accessories that are simple to install and exceptionally user friendly.

Its advanced smartphone app makes this alarm popular with home owners as they can use it to secure their home from their phone wherever they are.
  • Set or unset the alarm through the smartphone app
  • Home safety. Burglars aren’t the only hazard. Multi smoke/heat detector and shock detectors can protect the home 24 hours a day
  • Pet friendly. The alarm can be set whilst pets are in the home.
  • Completely wireless. For a shorter, faster, no fuss installation.


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SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit c/w TRITX Bell Box