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Supplied with battery
Wirefree Multi Function Keyfob
The ES MFB is a keyfob transmitter designed for use with the
infinite alarm system.

Compact, sleek design
4 buttons, 5 functions
(3 Arm modes, Disarm,
Home Automation on/off, Panic)
LED transmission indication
Fixed transmission time guards against battery drainage
  • Frequency: 868.35MHz FM
  • Current Consumption:
    16mA (transmission),
    2µA (standby)
  • RFI Immunity: 40V/m
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 60°C
  • Dimensions: 62 x 42 x 15mm
  • Antenna: Built-in whip
  • Battery Pre Mid 2013
    Power: 2 x 3V Lithium Battery, Size CR1225
  • Battery Change from Mid 2013
    Power: 1 x 3V Lithium Battery, Size CR2032
  • Please check battery before ordering a replacement


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Wirefree Multi Function Keyfob