Enterview 5 Hands Free Colour Door Entry System - Discontinued

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Enterview 5 Hands Free Colour Door Entry System5060224100219EV5CHF

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Handset / Monitor
240(W) x 175(H) x 38(D)mm

Door Access / Camera
56(W) x 133(H) x 40(D)mm

Note. EVBPS is required to power an electric lock release.

Simple 4 core cable installation

Up to 70m distance between camera and first handset with Cat5e cable

Up to 3 additional monitors per system
Up to 2 additional audio handsets per system
Up to 2 camera call points per system
Door release activation button
Two camera input
Simple 4 core cable installation
Supplied with remote 12V power supply
Enterview 5
Hands Free Colour Door Entry System
Enterview 5 is the latest generation of this popular range of video door entry systems.
EV5C-HF provides superb full colour images in all light conditions along with high quality full duplex speech
between handset and the external camera call point .
Images at night are enhanced by automatic activation of 4 high intensity white light LEDs .
The stylish low profile hands free monitor unit provides a facility to activate a lock release
transfer calls to other handsets and select the video feed from the camera call point on demand

New to EV5 is the ability to connect two external camera call points .
Very useful on buildings with front and rear entrances .
In addition to an extra camera call point the system can also accept up to three further video handsets
and two audio only handsets at convenient points around the property .

Cabling of Enterview 5 systems is simple .
The included power supply feeds suitable voltage to both the monitor and camera .
An Additional power supply ( EVBPS ) is only required when introducing a lock release .
There is no need for specialist video cable , Cat5 is recommended .
Simply bring cable from the camera / s to a central location and then take a separate cable to each monitor on the system .
Power supplies for the monitors can be located close to each monitor or centrally but should be no more than 40m from the monitor position .
  • Hands Free Monitor
  • Stylish low profile design
  • 7" hands free low profile colour monitor
  • High quality audio
  • Push to talk button
  • Volume control
  • Inputs for two camera call points
  • Call transfer facility
  • A visitors call can be transferred to all other handsets on the system
  • Lock release activation
  • Lock release can be remotely activated from the handset
  • View on demand facility
  • User can select to view the video feed from camera /s
  • Brightness and contrast controls
  • Up to 70m cable from monitor to camera ( cat5)
  • Door Access / Camera
  • Vandal resistant metal housing
  • Integral high white LEDs
  • Visitors are clearly illuminated even in low light conditions
  • Weatherproof IP65 rated
  • 3.6mm wide angle 70 degree lens
  • High quality CCD image chip
  • Powered directly from monitor


Installation & Operating Instructions
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