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29cm x 4.8cm x 4cm
C12 Cordless LED Handlamp
c/w USB Docking Station
Durable cordless COB hand lamp with 350 lumens & docking station

Extremely durable and flexible 45°+90° hand lamp, which can withstand being
run over by a vehicle up to 1.8 tonnes.
Wide beam angle, capable of lighting up a large work area
Strong fixed M42 magnet (PVC pad covered "no scratch"). 10 kg lifting power.
Battery low voltage warning (3-4 blink/min. approx 30 minutes before zero voltage)
On/off switch. Nylon hook, yellow. Carbon fibre look around lens.

Supplied with docking station (with 2 magnets + 2 key holes) and 1m cable.
Charges in docking station via USB connector
  • Lumens 350
  • Run Time (hours) 4 hours
  • Charging Time (hours) 5 hours
  • Charging Indicator Yes - on docking station
  • Housing Rubberized ABS, black
  • Lens Durable PC, clear
  • Hook Nylon, yellow
  • Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +40°Celcius
  • Charging Port Round jack Ø2.5 mm steel pin in docking station
  • Cable for charger, 1 m USB into charger: round OD Ø5.45 mm jack into docking station (included)
  • IEC Protection Class (lamp) III
  • IP Rating 54
  • IK Rating IK07
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