5 inch x 6mts Fibreflex Fireproof Ducting (125mm) - Grey0799648617779DP560

Fibreflex Fireproof Ducting
125mm x 6mtr - Grey
Fibreflex ducting is suitable for high, medium and low pressure ventilation and air conditioning systems .
it is also suitable for use in fume extraction systems.

Due to the materials used in its construction Fibreflex Ducting is able to withstand repeated flexing without damage or kinking.

Fibreflex ducting is manufactured from a tough tight weave glass woven fibre fabric coated
with grey coloured PVC and is supported by a fully encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix

Fibreflex ducting meets the British Standard 476 part 6 & 7 and part 20 .
In respect of part 20 the duct has a fire resistance of not less than 60 minutes.
  • Temperature range: from -20’C to +110’C
  • Air Velocity : 25M/S maximum
  • Working Pressure : maximum 2500Pa
  • Suitable for Fume Extraction
  • Manufactured from puncture and tear resistant glass woven PVC coated fabric
  • Withstands repeated flexing without damage
  • Meets BS476 parts 6 ,7 and 20 and complies with the requirements of DW 142
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length 6 Metres.
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FD DP560

5 inch x 6mts Fibreflex Fireproof Ducting (125mm) - Grey


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EA 3+