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Fire Air Valve sealed after a fire

Fire Air Valve before a fire

4'' Adjustable Circular Air Diffuser (100mm)
Fire Rated
Fire Air Valves have been developed to provide maximum protection
for penetrations created by Air Vents/Valves fitted in fire rated ceilings.

The Fire Rated Air Valves do not require any additional supports
or fixing and can be fitted as normal.

The unique intumescent gasket material does not restrict the air flow of the air valves.
However, in a fire situation, the material rapidly expands to seal off the open air valve.

The penetration is then sealed against the spread of fire and the fire rating of the ceiling construction is maintained.

Do I need a Fire Rated Ceiling Air Vent/Valve?
If you have fire rated downlights then you will need a fire rated ceiling air valve.
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • Meets the requirements of
    Building Regulations Document B.
  • Maintains Integrity of Fire Rated Ceilings for up to 60 minutes.
  • Alternative to more expensive Metal Fire Rated Valves / Fire Dampers.
  • Fits in the same way as a normal air valve.
  • Air Flow is unaffected.
  • Easy to retro fit in place of existing valves.
  • Highly cost effective.


Data Sheet - 375kb Fire Test 345kb pdf
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4'' Adjustable Circular Air Diffuser (100mm) - Fire Rated