Tecflex 800S 6 inch Fire Resistant Ducting 6m


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80mm to 600mm.

Standard length: 6 meters.

Fully extend ducting, then cut to exact length required
using a sharp knife and pliers. We recommend that joints
be sealed on medium and high pressure applications
using Tecseal or Tectape XT.
To fix Tecflex 800S to spigots we recommend the Tecfix
banding or clip system.
Tecflex 800S
6 inch Fire Resistant Ducting 6m
Colour: Silver Grey.

Tecflex 800S is supplied in economical 6 metre lengths.

Tecflex 800S is a tough but flexible PVC and glass cloth flexible ducting,
it has a supporting steel wire helix embedded between two layers of fabric which produces
approximately 10-25% less resistance than products with an exposed internal wire.

Tecflex 800S is suitable for use in high, medium and low pressure ventilation
and air conditioning systems and is also suitable for use in some fume extraction systems.

The materials used in the construction of Tecflex 800S allow it to withstand
repeated flexing without damage or kinking.

Tecflex 800S is manufactured from a tough, grey coloured fabric comprising a pvc coating bonded to a tightly woven glass cloth to provide a tough yet highly flexible, puncture resistant, ducting.

The fabric is supported by an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix.
Encapsulation of the wire helix within the fabric overlap provides an exceptionally smooth inner wall resulting in excellent friction loss characteristics.
  • Suitable for high, medium and low pressure applications.
  • Fire resistant - Complies with the requirements of BS476.
  • Suitable for air conditiong and fume extraction systems.
  • Complies with the requirements of DW144.
  • Manufactured from puncture and tear resistant materials.
  • Withstands repeated flexing without damage.


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Tecflex 800S 6 inch Fire Resistant Ducting 6m