Flypod Glue Board Fly Killer - Discontinued

Flypod Glue Board Fly Killer0ZF050

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Weight - 1.5 Kg
Flypod Glue Board Fly Killer
Flypod is the fun and stylish way to catch those unwanted bugs

At the same time it is highly effective, hygienic and discreet due
to its innovative new features.

Coverage - 25m2
Tube - l x l8W
  • Patented 'Rear Glueboard Removal System'
    hygienically covering all flies and enabling easy disposal of the glueboard
  • Crawl Up Base
    The unique front and back sloped base encourages the flies to crawl up into the FlyKiller and onto the glueboard
  • Stylish design
    The Flypod has been designed so that it will add to the décor of any environment that it is placed in
  • Diffuser
    The PRIPLAK polypropylene diffuser disperses the UVA rays to give a widespread even glow resulting in greater effectiveness


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