Low Energy Drive/Walkover Light - Round - Stainless Steel - IP67 - Discontinued

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Low Energy Drive/Walkover Light - Round - Stainless Steel - IP6750367971424446002SS

Supplied with the GX53 Lamp
Low Energy Drive / Walkover Light - Round
Stainless Steel - IP67
Low Energy Drive/Walkover Light (supplied with the GX53 Lamp)

Supplied complete with the new GX53 Low Energy Lamp,
this IP67 rated walkover light is idea for areas such as driveways, walkways and path areas.

The GX53 lamp is one of the smallest Low Energy lamps available with a diameter of 75mm and a depth of just 25mm.
It has an integral ballast that means only a lamp holder is required in a light fitting. The lamp holder type is called ‘GX53’.
Despite its size it produces a punchy 9 watts of light which is equivalent to 40 watts from an incandescent lamp.

This means that it uses just 23% of the power to produce the same light output.

It also has the added advantage of having an average life span of 8,000 hrs compared to 2000 hrs for a normal incandescent lamp.

Due to the lamps slim profile, the design of the walkover light also benefits by having a required depth of just 80mm.
This is often a significant benefit during installation.

The bezel is a round design and is manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel.
The round window in the centre of the bezel is clear glass.
  • Lamp: Low Energy 1x 9w GX53 (supplied)
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Depth: 80mm
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Hole Size:: If the walkover is going to be mounted in decking it will not require the plastic canister on the back of the product and the cut out will be 108mm.
  • If however it is going in a driveway or pathway the plastic canister should be used and the cut out will be 115mm.
  • When mounting in decking this gives the installer a much larger rim to play with.
  • If it is mounted in the ground the plastic canister is normally sunk into the ground first and the walkover screwed down on top.


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Low Energy Drive/Walkover Light - Round - Stainless Steel - IP67


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