12 watt RGB LED Remote Control Spotlight - IP65 - Discontinued

12 watt RGB LED Remote Control Spotlight - IP6550367971435026100AL

Radio Control
NOT Infra Red
Range 50m diameter
RGB LED Display Spot - IP65
Radio Remote Control
12 x 1 watt LED's
Using the very latest high power directional LED’s this compact outdoor display spot
creates an amazingly bright wash of coloured light.

The display spot head contains 4 x Red, 4 x Green and 4 x Blue high power 1w LED’s.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications it can illuminate the side of buildings, walls and trees.

The remote control (included) is RADIO frequency
It can control more that one unit at a time and has a range of up to 50 metres.
controls the sequence of the LED’s to create 10 different light outputs.

The display spot is IP65 rated for outdoor use.

The LED’s have an average life span of many years.
  • There are 10 colour settings available for selection through remote control.
  • 1. Red – Primary
  • 2. Green – Primary
  • 3. Blue – Primary
  • 4. Red & Green – Mixed
  • 5. Red & Blue – Mixed
  • 6. Blue & Green – Mixed
  • 7. Red – Green – Blue – Mixed
  • 8. Red – Green – Blue Flashing
    (Flashing speed can be controlled)
  • 9. Red – Green – Blue Blending 2 Colour
    (Blending speed can be controlled)
  • 10. Red – Green – Blue Blending 3 Colour
    (Blending speed can be controlled)
  • The main fitting (head section) is IP65 dust tight and protected against splashing water.
  • Suitable for most outdoor areas that are not susceptible to pooling or temperamental flooding.
  • External Transformer: IP64
  • Supplied 3mtr lead and plug suitable for outdoor use (only if used in an outdoor rated socket)
  • Lamps: 12 x RGB LED’s 12w
  • Colour: Aluminium finish
  • Height: 190mm
  • Weight: 8kg


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FL 6100AL

12 watt RGB LED Remote Control Spotlight - IP65 Extended Range*