18w / 26w Energy Saving PLC Ceramic Wall Light5036797142284C337UN HF

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Low Energy Ceramic Wall Light with Glass
18 watt / 26 watt PLC
This stylish new Ceramic Wall Light has a glass feature which allows
an attractive light spill to wash the wall downwards as well as up.

For energy efficient applications the 18 watts PLC version produces a light output that is
equivalent to the 100 watts incandescent version
however it has the advantage of consuming just 18% of the power!

The white ceramic may also be painted if desired to match a room’s surroundings.

EU Quality Ballast in C337
  • Ballast - High frequency - electronic
  • Dimensions
    Height: 120mm
    Projection: 160mm
    Width: 380mm
  • The 18 watt PLC lamp produces a bright punchy light which is equivalent to a 100 watts incandescent but has the advantage of using just 18% of the power!!
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18w / 26w Energy Saving PLC Ceramic Wall Light