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15 year guarantee.
1 Gang 2 Way Dimmer Switch 10-200W
2 Way Push on/Push Off Dimmer Switch 10-200W (5W-150W LED)

The latest range of Flatplate Style wiring accessories
with an ultra slim profile design and high-quality metallic switches.

Trailing edge dimmer technology is more sophisticated than leading
edge dimmers as they provide a much smoother dimming
control, absent of any buzzing noise.

A trailing edge dimmer has a lower minimum load than leading edge dimmers making it a much better at controlling lower wattage LED lamps, however the dimming modules are fitted with a potentiometer to dial out any flicker present at maximum dimming.
  • Rotate to Dim.
  • Push On / Off.
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FP 2181PL

1 Gang 2 Way Dimmer Switch 10-200W - Pearl