Araldite Rapid Syringe - Reusable (Discontinued)

Please try Evo Stik / Araldite Epoxy Power Syringe for alternative products.

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Araldite Rapid Syringe
ARALDITE® RAPID is a two-part adhesive supplied a syringe.
It is a powerful adhesive with a fast setting time for rapid bonding.
It is solvent free, room temperature curing, high strength adhesive.
  • ARALDITE® RAPID will bond a variety of materials around the home including metal, wood, ceramics, masonry, glass, dry concrete, chipboard, leather, cardboard and most hard plastics, fabrics and rubbers.
  • IMPORTANT: ARALDITE® RAPID is not suitable for bonding rear view mirrors to car windscreens. Do not use for items which may contain food or drink,
  • High performance two-part epoxy adhesive
  • Fast curing - sets in 5 minutes
  • Waterproof, oil and chemical resistant
  • Ideal for small assembly or repair on most materials
  • Bonds ceramics, wood, chipboard, glass, metal, and most hard plastics
  • Sets with virtually no shrinkage and joints are resistant to chemical attack
  • Provides a seal which is impervious to moisture


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Araldite Rapid Syringe - Reusable