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Tool Box Cable Rod Set
Example of use:
Use for jobs where the longer length runs are not required.

Who would use The Tool Box Set and why?:
Domestic and commercial installers.
Due to the length of these individual rods, they can be stored in a tool box.
Ideal for fiddly and awkward, hard to access spaces.

What can this tool do?
Route and retrieve cable.
Offering 3 flexibilities of rod. 1.6 metres of length
  • Four GRP rods, each 330mm. Long,
    2 x 5mm,
    1 x 6mm,
    1 x 4mm.
    1 x 330mm. Flexi Lead.
  • Four flexibilities provide an opportunity to choose the appropriate rod for the job.
  • The Carry Tube also contains
    1 x Domed Bullet,
    1 x Mini-Eye
    1 x Mini Hook,
    making this set more than adequate for smaller installations,
    or for working in cramped spaces.
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Tool Box Cable Rod Set