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Dimensions: -
Height: 105mm.
Diameter: 145mm.

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Dust and Debris Eliminator
The DADE has been designed by an electrical contractor, for an electrical contractor.
We all know the way that down lights are installed we mark the light check for no joists
and then we use a relevant sized hole saw to cut the hole.

We don't want to use special tools with spinning blades that take a time to set up, wear out quickly and are far slower than our hole saws.

We don't have enough hands to hold a drill steady, whilst using a Hoover attachment to suck up some of the dust,
and then have enough power to push the hole saw through the ceiling.
As well as the fact that most Hoovers don't have enough hose to reach up to a 8' ceiling

The DADE is a silicon shroud over moulded on to a nylon base.
It simply fits between the hole saw and the drill chuck, simple.

It has been designed, unlike others on the market with the user in mind.
It has two patent pending debris collecting channels that when the hole is being cut the debris stay in these channels,
stopping the debris and dust from escaping down the drill spindle and on to the user and surroundings.

It has a unique over moulded nylon base that allows the drill to rotate freely with no Resistance to the drill,
it is designed to allow the DADE to self level on the drill so both hands can remain firmly on the drill.

The DADE is sized so that the product makes contact with the ceiling just before the hole saw ensuring that any dust and debris are collected.
It will work with hole saws up to and including 120mm, catering for most down lights that are installed in today's market.

When you count the cost of cleaning up after a job or the simple Health and safety concerns
of airborne dust the purchase of the DADE makes great business sense
  • Can work with Hole saws up to 120mm
  • 15mm Hole for Drill Bit
  • Self levels on drill to enable one-handed operation
  • Guarantee 1 year
  • Life expectancy: 1000+ holes
  • Ideal for downlighter installation and ceiling fixings
  • Reduces hours spent on cleaning up
  • Reduces exposure to airborne debris whilst drilling


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Holesaw - Dust and Debris Eliminator