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Premium Brand Decorators Caulk
Halls Beeline flexible decorators caulk is an easy to apply permanent
acrylic sealant perfect for areas that are subject to movement.

Suitable for most buildings materials, can be used for interior and exterior work
  • Internal:
    Sealing gaps around window and door frames.
    Sealing gaps in skirting boards and covings.
    Sealing gaps in plaster work.
    Halls Beeline Flexible Decorators Caulk can be easily painted or papered over, making it an ideal all purpose sealant when decorating.
    General sealing of internal fixtures.
  • External:
    Perimeter seals of windows and door frames.
    Sealing low to medium construction joints.
    Halls Beeline Decorators Caulk as a dispersion sealant, which will achieve excellent adhesion to a drying surface e.g. Concrete, timber etc. Such surfaces can therefore be sealed when damp, but not wet.


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Premium Brand Decorators Caulk - White