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Size: 310 ml Cartridge
Colour: Beige
Express Repair Cement
Express Repair Cement is a high quality filler with granular structure
for easy and shrink free repairing of cracks and joints in concrete.#

Application method:
Remove any loose particles before applying Repair Express Cement.
Apply the sealant with a caulking gun or putty knife into the joint or crack.
Finishing with a wet spatula or trowel gives the smoothest result.
For large cracks, static joints or large screw holes apply preferably 2 layers of the product.
Depending on the porosity of the substrate, apply the second layer of product after ca. 30 min.

Before curing, Repair Express Cement can be removed with water from substrates and tools.
Finishing: with wet putty knife or trowel Repair: With the same material
  • Very fast Curing
  • Very good adhesion to many mineral surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Does not shrink
  • Paintable (after a few hours depending on the amount of material applied).


Data Sheet 22kb pdf FXECB/G Datasheet 100kb
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Express Repair Cement 290ml Beige