4 x 1.5m Ozi Push Pull Rod Set - Discontinued

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4 x 1.5m Ozi Push Pull Rod Set0PPOZ

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Pull - Push Rod Set
Ozi Rod has glass fibre core coated with a hard wearing and long lasting high specification
Polypropylene coating for protection and durability
The 4 one and a half metre rods (equating to six metres of length)
reduces time spent screwing together rods.

Example of use:
A simple and inexpensive hand tool used by electrical, aerial and data cable installers to lay
cables over ceilings, under floors, through walls, crawl spaces and conduit..
These rods are flexible enough to bend around tight corners in ceiling voids

Who would use Ozi rod and why?
Domestic and Commercial installers
willing to pay slightly more for the hard wearing coated feature,
additional length of 1.5 metres per rod and the flexibility the rods permit.

What can this tool do?
Route and retrieve cable
  • Supplied c/w
  • 4 x 6mm x 1.5 metre Rods
  • 1 x Pull-Push Ring
  • 1 x Strong Hook Wire.
  • Quick and secure brass screw ends,
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