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Holding. Repairing. Fixing. Grip it.
Quick Grip Handi-Clamp
Squeeze to adjust and lock. Click to release.

Use it in the workshop, the garden, the garage - anywhere you need an extra hand.

A better question might be, what can’t you do with a QUICK-GRIP® HANDI-CLAMP™
  • Handi-Clamp is capable of gripping pressure of 100 pounds.
  • Handi-Clamp is designed to work on multi-applications and in a variety of environments, even in the garden.
  • Clampable gap: 2.1 inches (50mm)
  • With it’s durable non marking pads,
  • Handi-Clamp easily takes a grip on most materials.
    From wood to metal,
    Handi-Clamp gets a firm grip without damaging the surface.
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Quick Grip Handiclamp