SuperRod Cable Jack - Discontinued

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SuperRod Cable Jack
Lightweight & Compact
The Cable Jack is an innovative cable spooling device.
It uses your existing 44mm Cable Rod tube, along with metal collars and legs, to form an ‘A’ frame.
You can use this frame as a lightweight spooler for small domestic jobs.

The two metal collars slide onto the 44mm tube. You can leave them in place and slide rolls of cable over the assembly.
Then, by screwing the legs into the collars, you lift the rolls off the ground allowing them to turn freely.
  • 2 x Aluminium Collars
  • 4 x Legs
  • 1 x Tube + Ends
  • Use with
    1mm to 2.5mm TW/E 100mtr drums
    4mm & 6mm TW/E 50mtr drums
  • 30 to 35kgs will work well, above that you may risk damaging the tube.
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