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32mm Sheet Steel Holesaw
These sheet steel holesaws from CK Tools have been designed to produce a smoother cut, making it ideal for both the professional and DIY enthusiast. Equipped with thinner material so the holesaw has less material to move for a quicker performance - it automatically ejects the slug removing the need to poke the slug out with an implement of some sort.

A smooth result is also achieved via the teeth, which have a constant pitch at 8tpi, meaning there are more teeth actually cutting at a constant rate. Additionally manufactured to a high standard from 8% cobalt alloy steel, giving vastly superior performance than normal HSS materials - the slim line design reduces frictional heat build-up and prevents tooth burn out.

Faster, smoother and tougher
Maximum cut depth – 1.6mm
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32mm Sheet Steel Holesaw - Max cut depth 1.6mm