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Made by a BT licensed manufacturer
NTE5 ADSL/Broadband Filter
Master Socket Adaptor Plate
Replaces NTE5 Telephone Master Socket front cover , providing ADSL and standard Telephone sockets.

Designed to be plugged into the telecom providers NTE5 Master Socket, the splitter plate provides excellent separation and filtration of the ADSL/telephone signal.

Your Router or modem can now be plugged directly into the Master socket adaptor plate which offers a better connection as it is no longer reliant on plug in filters, cheap dongles or unreliable extension wiring which are often the cause of poor performance.
  • Particularly suited to areas where connections are considered marginal
  • * Data Socket compatible with RJ11 and RJ45 plugs.
  • * Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • * Ideal for the latest Broadband applications like Hi Speed video streaming.
  • Hard wired extension Sockets
  • Separate terminals for telephone and ADSL extensions, if so required ,are provided at the rear of the plate. Separate extension sockets would now have to be run for the telephone line and the ADSL line as they are now split at the Master .


NTE5ADSL Wiring Guide Telephone Wiring Info
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