2ft 18w Twin HF Fluorescent Fitting - Less Tubes (Discontinued)

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2ft 18w Twin HF Fluorescent Fitting - Less Tubes5055825911029BR218/HF / T8218HF

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Cost Recovery
Based on a cost of 11p per kW
and a usage of 60 hours per week (which is low ie office use )
or a shop at 10hrs per day
or go higher for a call centre!

2 x 18w - Yearly savings per fitting
3000hrs - £4.00
5000hrs - £9.00

Extra cost of an HF fitting is recovered within one year or less

with 50 HF fittings yearly savings of £200.00+
Viper HF
2ft 18w Twin HF Fluorescent Fitting - Less Tubes
Collect from any branch - Yes
Local Van Delivery - Yes
Nationwide Delivery - Yes
High Frequency Fitting

Ideal for offices, shops, schools etc.
  • Benefits of High Frequency Fittings.
  • Flicker free and silent operation.
  • ‘Instant’ starting.
  • Detects failed lamps, no more flashing on and off.
  • Cold starting in sub-zero temperature.
  • No stroboscopic effects.
  • 20-30% saving in running costs.
  • Features of Tri-phosphor Lamps.
  • Tri-phosphor lamps drop to 96% of their original output after about 4000 hours and remain at that level compared to standard lamps which drop to 86% and then down to 74% over the rest of their life.
  • Survival rate of 70% of tri-phosphor tubes after 16,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for standard tubes.
  • Approximately 15% increase in light output over standard tubes.
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High Frequency Info - 49Kb pdf HF Benefits - 87kb pdf
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HF 218

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