25 Amp 2 Pole Contactor - 1 Module3250612400669ESC225

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Control cable terminal capacity, 6 mm

Power Cable terminal capacity, 10mm

One Module 17.5mm

Current Rating

Power Circuits AC1 Load
25 Amps
Hager - 25 Amp 2 Pole Contactor
Hager contactors provide a method of remotely switching higher loads than possible
with a time switch or wall switch.
In this regard, they are particularly useful for switching heating, lighting and
ventilation circuits. in particular when used in conjunction with off-peak supply tariffs.
  • They are suitable for mounting on a standard DIN rail and are therefore fully compatible with all Hager Consumer Units and small enclosures.
  • 2 Normally Open Contacts
  • 240v Coil
  • When mounted alongside an MCB or when 2 Contactors are side by side, A blank is required for separation..
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25 Amp 2 Pole Contactor - 1 Module