10 Amp TP Hager MCB C Type - Motor Rated3250614633102NCN310A

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MCB terminal capacity,
25 mm on all mcb's
Hager Three Phase MCB ( Type C )
Rated 10 Amps

Type C devices are capable of supplying the majority of inductive and capacitive loads such as motors and transformers.

Surges on energisation, for example with discharge lighting, may well reach 25 times the rated current of the device, but only for very short duration.
Commercial Distribution Board use

Hager MCB's detect overcurrents due to both overload and fault currents.
The MCB will operate and interrupt the supply to prevent damage to the installation.
  • Hager commercial MCBs have a short circuit breaking capacity of 10000A (M10).
  • The current carrying capacity of the cable should always exceed the current rating of the MCB to prevent damage.
  • The operating dolly may be locked in either the ON or OFF position without affecting the ability of the trip mechanism to operate.
  • When the green flag below the dolly is visible, then a contact gap of 4 mm has been achieved. Hager MCBs may therefore be used as a triple pole isolating switch where appropriate.


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HG NC310

10 Amp TP Hager MCB C Type - Motor Rated