Rho Instantaneous Inline Water Heater 6.0kW Thermostatic Model5060423370109IN60T

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Height – 140mm.
Width – 190mm.
Depth – 80mm.

Controls (Thermostatic Model only)
Temperature display (°C)
Power on/off button
+/- controls allow the user to set the required temperature
The temperature display will flash if the set temperature cannot be reached.
Instantaneous Inline Water Heater
6.0kW Thermostatic Model
Rho - Available in a thermostatic or non-thermostatic models
this instantaneous water heater is suitable for handwashing at a single sink.

Confirm that the flow rate and temperature performance is adequate
for your application using the chart and tables provided.

for suitable taps see related products below
  • Supplies hot water to a single outlet
  • Bare wire heating system gives fast heat up time
  • Heats the water instantly as it flows through the unit
  • Energy efficient – no standing heat losses
  • 6.0kW power rating
  • Compact space saving design
  • Intended for use with spray head taps with removable M22/M24 nozzles - Compatible taps available.
  • Compatible taps available separately.
  • After power off/on the unit will recall the last usage outlet temperature.
  • Thermostatic Model Only
  • External electronic thermostatic control accurate to the nearest degree
  • Blue LED temperature display
  • Energy saving – only uses the power required to deliver the chosen temperature
  • Heating power adjusted electronically to compensate for temperature, flow rate and water pressure variations
  • Temperature factory set at 38°C and can be adjusted by the user between 30°C and 48°C


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Rho Instantaneous Inline Water Heater 6.0kW Thermostatic Model