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TOG rating 2.34

Heat Holders ®
Men's Sock - Black
Size 6-11
Heat Holders ® back in 2006 we were determined to give the customer a thermal sock that was true value for money

A fit for purpose product to be proud of.
It swiftly became our single-minded mission to make the warmest thermal sock on the planet.
What followed was two long years of experimentation and innovation, re-tooling equipment
and routinely discarding yarn mixes until unique 3 stage knitting process was perfected.

Due to specially developed construction and our intense brushing process,
trap more warm air close to the skin keeping you warmer for longer!
Whether pursuing outdoor activities, working in a cold climate or simply for that extra confidence
and comfort in those cold winter months will help ensure NO MORE COLD FEET!
  • Tog rating of 2.34. When the test house reported the results they commented that they were the highest Tog results ever achieved by a sock!
  • Advanced Insulating Yarn:
    Our specially developed advanced fibres provide high performance and superior moisture wicking abilities
  • Long Looped Thermal Pile:
    Innovative knitting technology produces our unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the thermal tog rating
  • Soft Brushed Inner:
    Finally, an intense brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held inside the sock for all day warmth and comfort
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Heat Holders Mens Sock Black - Size 6-11