Programmable Room Thermostat (Discontinued)

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Width 120mm x Height 90mm x Depth 32mm
Programmable Room Thermostat
For day-to-day use only 3 buttons are needed.
The centre ‘WARM/COOL’ button, complete with Braille markings,
changes the temperature state and the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons provide
fine user adjustment as well as audible feedback.
Each adjustment is immediately reflected in changes
to the bright red and blue LED display.
The warm and cool temperature settings
can be easily adjusted by the user and, if required, a custom programme
can be set to override the standard profile set by the installer.
Under the flap the blue standby button will put the control into a ‘frost protection’ mode until re-activated.
The built-in clock is programmed to the correct time during manufacture
and a built-in calendar will automatically adjust for summer and winter time changes.
So there’s never any need for user adjustment.
AS1 is mains powered for applications where a permanent mains supply is readily available.

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  • The ThermoPlus AS1 programmable thermostat, is designed to provide an economical but comfortable pattern of heating without the need for complex adjustments by the user.
  • Simple 3 button operation
  • LED warm/cool display
  • Pre-set clock with battery back-up
  • Automatic Summer/Winter time changes
  • 5 Preset heating profiles, 6th custom
  • heating profile
  • Back lit set up display
  • Audible and tactile feedback
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