Airsenz - Black Edition Beryl Fragrance (Discontinued)

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Airsenz - Black Edition
Beryl Fragrance
Beryl - The rare masculine scent of Beryl, alights any atmosphere with citrusy and organic notes,
while having a heart of Pepper and Cedar balanced by an Enticing base of Vanilla and Amber

AirSenz fragrances
AirSenz™ 3000 shot-metered air fresheners have been developed in partnership
with some of the world’s finest fragrance houses and draw upon
extensive research into modern sensory preferences.

AirSenz™ product’s combine the use of exquisite blended oils, micron release technology
and malodour counteractants to deliver outstanding, long lasting and consistent performance.

AirSenz™ metered aerosols use safe formulations and are fully compliant with EU regulations.
The product is compatible with the majority of dispensing systems in the worldwide market.

Fragrances have a profound effect on an individual’s mood and their perception
of the environment around them.
They have the power to awaken, relax, energise and even evoke memories.
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Airsenz - Black Edition Beryl Fragrance