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Saturn Booster - Auto Cleaning Pre - Filter

for Pond Sizes (1,100 - 6,600 gals),
Over the last three years, behind closed doors,
Hozelock Cyprio design engineers have been busy developing a new innovative filtration range
incorporating advanced auto cleaning technology.
The new Saturn filtration range is the largest investment in Hozelock Cyprio's history and will shape the future of pond filtration.
The Saturn range will build on Cyprio's heritage in Koi pond filtration by offering fish enthusiasts filters of the highest quality, incorporating unique patented technology to deliver the best performance available.

Why are Hozelock so confident? Saturn products have undergone rigorous testing both at our R&D facilities in the UK and on a variety of ponds throughout the world over the last two years. The Saturn filtration range will deliver crystal clear water, active healthy fish and, perhaps most importantly, all at a minimal maintenance effort.

Unique Auto Cleaning Technology
Dirty water from the pond is pumped into the Saturn BoosterTM and spun around a circular
polyester gauze filter. Particles are trapped by the filter gauze and then removed by a rotating jet,
which is located inside the filter to constantly clean the filter (from the inside). Dislodged particles fall into a large debris collection area at the bottom of the unit. Clean water passes through to the
existing biological filter.

Boosting Water Purity
The introduction of the unique Saturn BoosterTM allows the existing filter to operate as a far
more effective biological filter, which ‘boosts’ the removal of harmful soluble pollutants. This
improved water purity ‘boosts’ the health and activity of the fish and also allows more fish to be safely introduced to the pond.
Toxic waste is continuously removed from the pond and stored away from the flow of the water to
avoid further water contamination.

Significantly Reducing Maintenance
The sludge collects at the base of the product and is easily removed by raising the ‘flush-away’ handle without getting wet or dirty hands. Being pressurised by the pond pump, the sludge can be
pumped uphill to a drain.
The inclusion of the self-cleaning Saturn BoosterTM will significantly reduce the maintenance of the existing filter. The Saturn Booster™ can be partially buried and sited next to the pond and be used in conjunction with nearly all pump fed filter systems.
  • Min Flow rate: 3500 LPH (770 GPH)
  • Max Flow rate: 8000 LPH (1600 GPH),
  • Power Consumption: 110 Watts
  • Height: 730mm,
  • Diameter: 495mm.
  • Cable Length: 10m


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Saturn Booster Pre - Filter