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Supplied with 6 Foam filters
2 Packs

Height 51cm x Length 78cm
x Depth 57cm
Hozelock Trinamic 12500 Filter
High-performance biological filters for heavily stocked fish and Koi ponds up to 12,000 litres (3,000 gallons)
The Trinamic delivers excellent water purity for healthier and more active fish.

As the name suggests, this is a ‘three stage process’
incorporating a ‘dynamic’ moving bed of Kaldnes K3 biomedia.
  • Stage 1
  • Moving-bed biological filtration for healthy fish
  • The water enters the filter at high velocity and spins unique Kaldnes K3 biomedia chaotically around the bio-module.
  • A set of venturi introduce oxygen to the water.
  • The beneficial bacteria growing on the inside and outside of the K3 biomedia thrive in an oxygen-rich environment and breakdown harmful soluble pollutants at a very efficient rate.
  • The patented Kaldnes Moving Bed Technology™ is widely regarded as one of the most advanced biological filtration processes.
  • The individual pieces of plastic K3 biomedia continuously knock into one another. In this dynamic environment only the strongest most efficient bacteria grip onto the biomedia.
  • So, the Kaldnes Moving Bed Technology™ uses Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest to optimise the efficiency of biological filtration.
  • The dynamic nature of the moving bed ensures that the ammonia and oxygen in the water is evenly distributed among the biomedia so all bacteria can thrive and that it is self-cleaning - pond debris passes through to the foam module.
  • Should sludge collect in the K3 bio-module it can be easily flushed to waste via the sludge drain.
  • Finally, the K3 moving-bed allows for very efficient break down of harmful pollutants within a small area. For this reason, the Trinamic filters can support the same amount of fish as much larger filters but are much easier to hide near the pond.
  • Stage 2
  • Easy-clean foams for crystal clear water
  • Water passes evenly through a perforated plate and into a series of fine foams, which remove solid matter.
  • An indicator alerts the user when the foams need to be cleaned, without removing them from the filter, using the plunging tool provided.
  • Once plunged, sludge from the foams can be flushed away via a sludge drain at the end of the filter. (not shown)
  • Stage 3
  • Denitrifying bacteria provide an important second biological process
  • Below the foam water passes through denitrifying bacteria, which grow on Cypripak biomedia in a dark still environment.
  • Clean healthy water is then returned to the pond


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