Hozelock Auto Aqua Pod 10 Kit - Discontinued

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Aquapod (Pod Unit) ;
130mm in diameter, 170mm high

Kits contains;
AC1+ water timer.
Pressure regulator.
2 Aquapods.
10 pre-fitted self-cleaning drippers.
20m of 4mm hose.
10 stakes.
Auto Aqua Pod 10 Kit
Hozelock’s innovative new AquaPod
a fully integrated automatic drip watering system for pots and containers

Eliminating the set-up complexity which has dogged previous micro irrigation systems,
the AquaPod requires no assembly, no intricate pipe cutting, no hole punching,
no dripper fitting and no bulky and unsightly supply hose.

The entire system can be set up by anyone in less than five minutes and can be
quickly extended to water extra pots or completely repositioned in just two minutes.
This system allows for effortless plant watering system that can be installed in 5mins.
It uses 90% less water than hand watering, and is guaranteed not to leak,
its highly flexible system waters up to 10 pots and is an
ideal solution for keeping your plants alive when you go on holiday
  • An AquaPod system comprises one or more ’pods’ (a small through-flow hose reel, 17cm high x 13cm diameter), which effortlessly waters up to five pots or containers per pod.
  • Each pod holds five separate 1 metre lengths of 4mm micro hose which, once connected to an outside tap or water timer using the unobtrusive 4mm supply hose, can be independently pulled out from the pod to the target plant container.
  • Each of the five micro hoses terminates in a pre-fitted 4 litres-per-hour (lph) pressure-compensating and self-cleaning dripper which is fixed securely in the growing medium using the supplied heavy-duty plastic stakes.
  • Once installed, the pods are easily hidden behind a container and the discreet, highly flexible 4mm supply tube all but disappears when placed around the edge of the patio or decking area, making the whole installation virtually invisible.
  • Recognising that the watering needs of plants change with the seasons, each of the pod’s five hoses can be pulled out, rewound and turned on and off independently, which means the entire AquaPod system can be expanded, reduced or even moved to another location in just two minutes.
  • The AquaPod system can be extended to up to nine pods and easily automated by connecting the system up to an electronic tap timer.


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Hozelock Auto Aqua Pod 10 Kit