70w Stainless Steel Element Kit for Model SSH5060001787060EKH

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70w Stainless Steel Element Kit
for Model SSH
100w Element Kit for JV SSH Stainless Steel Towel Rail

Our heating element is completely different to standard elements
Our element is made from 100% stainless steel whereas the inferior elements
have white plastic heads with a mild steel type nut on them.

After a spanner has been used on these it scratches the very thin plating which means they rust very quickly.
In addition, the t-piece we include with our element has a special silicone moulded seal which makes a perfect water tight connection.
The cheaper t-pieces use a cheap type O ring arrangement which in our experience, never makes a decent seal.

Built-in thermostat set at 70°C

use with 1 x Angled valve JV CVA
  • Unique stainless steel heating element incorporating 100% stainless steel shaft and element head
  • Built in thermostat which automatically prevents towel rail from becoming too hot, thus saving on running costs.
  • IP55 rated (splash and dust proof).
  • ½” BSP tapings
  • Minimal in appearance
  • Will not rust, flake or corrode
  • Supplied with 1.5mts (59") cable
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70w Stainless Steel Element Kit for Model SSH