Outdoor Socket Kit IP66 c/w RCD Plug (Discontinued)

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Outdoor Socket Kit IP66 c/w RCD Plug5055559195832IP66KIT

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Outdoor Socket Kit IP66
c/w RCD Plug
Tough, durable units for farms, garages, gardens and industry

Use with standard 13A plugs

Polycarbonate ensuring high resistance to impact & durability

This kit is designed to simplify the installation of an RCD protected weatherproof outdoor socket
on an outside wall of a building where there is convenient access to an internal 13A socket.

To make the kit easier to install, the RCD plug is pre-wired and the loose end is pre-cut
to the required dimensions to fit into the IP66 socket.

There is 2 metres of cable attached to the RCD plug,
the socket must be positioned on the outer wall such that the cable can pass through the wall
and allow the RCD plug to be plugged into a suitable indoor 13A socket.
  • Kit includes:- A Pre-wired RCD non-latching 13A Fused Plug c/w 2m of cable
  • 1 x IP66 13A 1G DP Switched Socket and
  • 1 x M20 Cable Gland
  • Socket is switched
  • IP66 rated - protection against water jets and dust from all directions
  • Multiple 20mm cable gland entry from all sides.
  • Ideal for outdoor use
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Outdoor Socket Kit IP66 c/w RCD Plug