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Suitable for fire brigade use operating under CFS initiatives.

Local Authority & Housing Association use, often as a temporary measure until hard wired alarms can be installed.
Kidde - Nighthawk
A Compact 4" Optical Smoke Alarm
with Sealed in 10 Year Lithium Battery
A state of the art Optical Smoke alarm designed
for easy installation & a Guaranteed 10 Years life.

New small diameter reduces storage space needs.
New “reduced sound” feature when testing alarm.
New visual early low battery “pre warning”.
Optical sensor is the best technology to detect slow smouldering,
large particle fire events eg furniture fires.
Easily installed by non electricians.
Standard Approval:
BS Kitemarked & CE Marked, Optical to BS EN14604.

Small footprint with diameter of just 104mm.
Ramp up sounder, means protection from full 85db sound level when Testing.
Tamper proof high performance FDK (Fuji) Lithium battery.
Soldered on PCB. The battery specification is critical to long term performance.
Battery not activated until alarm mounted on base plate to preserve freshness.
Early low battery state warning via LED flashing, with no chirping.
After 30 days, alarm then chirps for 30 days more to indicate end of life.
  • A state of the art, feature packed Optical Smoke alarm designed for easy installation & a Guaranteed 10 Years life.
  • Early (Non sounding) low battery warning via additional LED flashing for 30 days, ahead of standard 30 days audible warning.
  • Wide operating temperature range (0 to 40 deg.C)
  • Initial reduced sound pattern (for 4 seconds) when pressing Test Button to prevent full 85db causing ear discomfort when standing in close proximity.
  • Easy to use central button.
  • Bug screen to minimise nuisance alarms
  • Auto resets after alarm activation
  • Flashing red LED indicates alarm is operating
  • 85db audible alarm sound level at 3 metres
  • Test Button checks sounder/battery & electronic circuits
  • Width of just over 4" at 104mm.
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